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WRITING (Updated November 2013):


The new GED 2014 test demands that our students write evidence-based position papers (argumentative writing), analyzing and synthesizing an argument with evidence from presented documents.  Various writing strategies, and all genres of writing (and reading) are helpful in supporting instruction for agile writers.  


TEAL: Teaching Excellence in Adult Literacy (Writing Instructional Strategies), OVAE.


6 + 1 Traits of Writing (RCulham & NWERL)


Writing to the GED through the Anchor CCRS using DOK. ppt


Planning for Writing Instruction/Activity/Practice template


Extended Response Writing to GED 2014 with rubrics, RLA Resource Guide


Extended Response Writing to GED 2014, Social Studies/History Resource Guide


Short Responses Science, GED 2014 Adult Resource Guide for Science


Using Online Videos to Supplement Writing Instruction, AALPD & DRosen

Writing Exemplars from CCSS (K-12)

Designing and Utilizing Rubrics to evaluate learning and instruction.


A Vision of Students Today: YouTube video summarizing how students learn today (2007)